Unique green option

Disposable microfiber mop that is
compostable and biodegradable


Today, environmental protection is also an important and sensible trend in the cleaning industry. The Vivelle Biomop was developed in order to offer our dealers a suitable product for this growing market.

In its handling and functionality, it is similar to the Dynamop already presented. By modifying the polyethylene fibers, the material can be composted without leaving any residue. The Vivelle Biomop is a disposable microfiber cloth that is compostable and therefore biodegradable.

Going green is the major trend in the cleaning world today.

The Vivelle Biomop has been developed in order to give distributors a product that meets the emerging needs of this market.

  • The Biomop completely dissolves during the ripening of an industrial compost.
  • The residue, which can occasionally still be found after 6 weeks, can be neglected in terms of volume and weight.
  • The compost quality is not negatively affected.

The polyethylene from which the fiber substance of the Dynamop is made consists of large molecules. These form long carbon chains that can only be broken down very slowly. This degradation process can take several hundred years on a conventional landfill. The Biomop contains an additive that accelerates the cleavage of the long carbon chains and thus shortens the breakdown process to a few months. If it is not possible to dispose of the Biomop cloths in a composting plant, the Biomop - just like the Dynamop - can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly waste incineration plant. The cloths disintegrate into carbon dioxide and water without leaving any residue.

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