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Dirt is not only unsanitary, but it also triggers allergies and other health problems. Dust and bacteria make up the largest proportion of dirt, up to 80%.

The main task of any cleaning service is to remove this dirt and therefore the question is which cleaning system can be used most effectively and at the same time most economically. Vivelle has developed dry cleaning wipes whose efficiency goes far beyond that of wet cleaning. In fact, the fibers in these disposable towels are not the same as the well-known microfibers, but they work in the same way - the friction between the fibers and the surface of the floor creates a short-lived static charge. This "sucks" dust, pollen, hair and bacteria into the fibers and holds them permanently.

Functionality / Advantages

The dirt does not collect on the edge of the cloth but is distributed over the entire surface. When the entire surface of the cloth is "saturated", the cloth has to be changed - how often depends on the degree of soiling of the floor and the hygienic demands on the area to be cleaned. This means that Vivelle cleaning cloths are much more effective than conventional microfiber cloths and in comparison tests, they absorb almost twice as much dirt.

The greatest advantage of Vivelle dry cleaning wipes compared to normal wet cleaning wipes is the low consumption of water and chemicals, the increased hygiene standard and the resulting increased productivity. The Vivelle mop system almost completely eliminates the consumption of water and chemicals - without lowering the hygiene standard.

Handling / Application

The mop system is easy to use and only weighs around 0.8 kg as a whole (cloth, holder and handle).

The low weight and the good gliding ability on the floor are also an important aspect for the health of the cleaning staff. The cloth is placed with the smooth fleece side on the holder and fastened. Now pull the fiber surface over the floor in even movements so that even coarser dirt is carried along. The disposable wipes were originally developed for dry-cleaning in hospitals and other health facilities, but are now also used in airports, schools, sports halls, hotels, shops and also in the private sector. The only requirement for the cloth to function is a smooth and hard surface such as laminate, PVC, parquet or tiles.     x+49 7255 71230

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