Atlas Graham Furgale Ltd. Acquires Vivelle GmbH

January 1, 2019

Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, January 1, 2019 - Atlas Graham Furgale Ltd. has announced that it has acquired Vivelle GmbH, a Hambrücken, Germany based manufacturing company of innovative Electrostatic Cleaning Products.

"Vivelle is a long-time strategic partner to AGF and we are pleased to add the Vivelle group to our family. "There is no doubt that the increased synergies will allow us to continue to enhance AGF's service to our customers in the global marketplace" stated Tim MacGregor, President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Graham Furgale.

In addition to its corporate head office located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada the company will continue to operate manufacturing and distribution facilities in Winnipeg, Toronto and Hambrücken. The newly acquired Vivelle GmbH company will continue its manufacturing and operations in Hambrücken under the new name, Vivelle (2019) GmbH.

About Vivelle GmbH - Vivelle GmbH, is a leading manufacturer of dry mop electrostatic cleaning systems based in Hambrücken, Germany. Vivelle is presently the only manufacturer in the world that produces a biodegradable and compostable, disposable "microfibre" mop. The Dry mop cleaning lineup consists of three products, Dynamop (The Original), Biomop (The Biodegradable) and Ultimop (The Antimicrobial).

Vivelle also manufactures several other products sold through their Vivelle decoration division. These products include suede, paper and grass products for the arts and crafts and hobby markets around the world.

About Atlas Graham Furgale - AGF is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality manual cleaning tools to the North American market. With a focus on quality, service and delivery AGF has been a leading supplier to the commercial and retail markets for close to 80 years. The long-term partnerships maintained with their market dominant distribution partners have served to make the AGF name synonymous with quality.


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